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Henk van Rensbergen takes us on an interesting journey to empty buildings, factories, polluted and abandoned places full of traps and secrets around the world. This is not without risk: some places are incredibly dangerous to visit. But the things he discovers are fascinating: a world where man has disappeared since the moment the door was closed many years ago. Locations featured include: The Electric Company in Richmond, USA; Seaview hospital, Staten Island, USA; Essex County Jail, Newark, USA; Theatre, Newark, USA; Campus universitaire, Val Benoît, Liège, Belgium; Hôpital Civil de Jumet, Charleroi, Belgium; Labour Court, Ghent, Belgium; Sisters of Mercy - Lorette school, Mechelen, Belgium; Beelitz Heilstätten, Brandenburg, Germany; Châtillon car dump, Châtillon, Belgium; Villa Sainte Marie, Belgium, LM textile factory, Lille, France; Catacombs, Brussels, Belgium; Centrales électriques des Flandres, Flanders, Belgium; De Porre textile factory, Ghent, Belgium; Hippodrome, Groenendaal, Belgium; Town mansion, Belgium; Farmhouses, Brabant, Belgium; Train depot, Charleroi, Belgium; Museum, Belgium; Forges de Clabecq, Clabecq, Belgium; St Davids high school + Packard Plant + Fisher Body + Michigan Central Station + Lee Plaza Hotel + Broderick Tower + Cass Tech High School, Detroit, USA. Text in English & Dutch. Henk van Rensbergen is a pilot. Everywhere he goes, he looks for abandoned hospitals, buildings in decay and modern ruins. His images capture the transiency of the modern world.

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